Stressed…but not as much!

This week has been HORRIBLE! I got like 4 hours of sleep for like 5 days straight. I turned in my 30 page brief today so i can breath a little bit for now. But i have oral arguments coming up and i still have to work on my casenote. Yeah, i missed a billion calls b/c my phone was dead and i didn’t have my charger over the weekend. My mom pretty much thought i had been taken, lol. Not funny but it kinda is. I haven’t written a poem in a while but thats b/c law school has taken over my brain. This is my first deep breath in like a couple of weeks. I’m better. I thought about that asshole again today but the pain is slowly ebbing away. I don’t care…maybe if i keep saying it i’ll start to feel it. But let me see what the last poem i wrote is and I’ll see if its post-worthy…Okay, i actually wrote two things as my last entry but i don’t feel like either one is complete. They are about different people. One past, one present. I don’t wanna post it right now. Too much typing has been done already this week. I’ll post it tomorrow. Bye

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