More self reflection

I guess more self reflection is necessary. I really didn’t finish my train of thoughts last time, i was just tired of typing. Its really funny to me that I would get back in touch with Sope at this point in my life. Its too much of a coincidence. I would really have no problem with picking it up from where we left off…but wait. He broke up with ME! That was the first and the last time anyone has ever broken up with me. What made him leave? What made him decide it wasn’t worth it anymore? What???? I refuse to get hurt again so i guess i lied, i would have a problem with picking up from where we left off. He’ll have to work and convince me that its going to be okay b/c if not, trust me he won’t be the only guy in my life. Isn’t that so presumptious of me? For all i know he’s happily married to some English girl, lol. I don’t care, there’s only one Mowunmi. Even if he is "attached" some kind of way, i’m UNFORGETTABLE! I wouldn’t disrespect his relationship (assuming he has one) if he knows his boundaries. Because, i’m saying he was the one that was asking me to write him long emails like i use too and asking for my number so he could call. But whatever. I’m tired of typing right now, i’ll be back later.

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