Thank You God

Thank you GOD! For the things I have. I know sometimes I’ve complained about why you made me who I am and gave me what I have but now I realize the reasons. I use to cry for best friends. People who would love me and each other and know all my secrets. I coveted the friendships I saw in the world and wondered why they didn’t include me. But now I know why. Because you know that I deserve more than just one or 2 great friends. You spread my friendships all over the world so that no matter what region I was in, i had someone to call on. You gave me Tomilola as my sister b/c you realize that if she were simply my friend, I would worry about whether or not she would stop loving me for the things I’ve done. But because You’ve made her my blood, I know that forever and ever we are inseperable. You gave me Diana because you realize that one day I’ll travel to Michigan or New York and I’m going to need a best friend in the area. You knew that the joy that I get out of my friendship with her crosses oceans and miles. You gave me a few friends in Greensboro so that my world would not be lonely when I was home. You gave me acquaintances in Greensboro so that I would know the difference b/w friendship and acquaintanship. I even thank you for the friendships that have gone wrong because you force me to humble myself everytime I have to apologize. And you force me to rely on you whenever I feel like my friends have deserted me. You gave me ____ so that you may remove the spirit of covetousness from me and teach to love someone just for who they are. Even when I feel sad b/c she and her best friends share a world I’ll never be a part of, You strengthen my heart and my spirit and remind me that jealousy is a sin. You taught me how to love a friend without expectation. You gave me Tristan because you sensed that I needed a kindred spirit here at school. Through her you strengthen me so that I may learn how to love someone and still stand up for myself. You introduced me to ____ so that I may learn how to be forthright with ppl always. Through her, you’ve showed me that its okay to LOVE myself, faults and all. Through her you showed me that its okay to laugh at life even when it gets ROUGH. You introduced me to _____ rekindle a childhood friendship, and if all does not go well, it is also okay to let it go. You taught me that even if my friendships turn on their heads and become unpleasant, it is not okay to hate. You gave me my study group at school so that I always have girls with whom I can share this law school experience and still laugh. You taught me how to evangelize to the ones I love even if I know that they don’t believe. You gave me this soft heart that is easily wounded so that I may empathize with the world and strive not to cause harm. I know that I have often prayed to be tougher and stronger but you yourself have  showed me that LOVING those that are hard to love is the toughest, strongest thing of all. You gave me Ife because you want me to learn how to forgive and how to care deeply for someone else even if others have decided that the person is not worth forgiving.

I thank you God for all the things you are teaching me through the friends I have and I’ve had. To all my friends, old, new, past, and present, know that I love you and I’m learning something from you everyday.

1 thought on “Thank You God”

  1. “of course there is …love… we tight friends till the end… and of course we stay away from each other’s ex’s… of course some kno little bout that…”

    words that made me sad again. I’ll get over it tho.


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