Lovely Day

It never ceases to amaze me how great my God is! Like I told you yesterday, I felt like my world was crumpling around me. Just b/c I found out he was in greensboro, I was ready to lose my mind. I was crying, I was angry. I was very dysfunctional! Lol, today my yesterday seems like a faded dream. I am strangely content. Things are good between me and B again and I’m grateful. I haven’t had the courage to say anything to ____ because I don’t feel like risking hurt feelings now that I’m feeling so good. I’m glad I didn’t go to Greensboro like I initially wanted to yesterday. And I’m grateful to Ife for talking me out of it! Today I see the world like a new woman. I’m still convinced of God’s love for me so I know nothing will bring me down. I’m preparing my heart and my mind for the road ahead. I’m fully prepared to face the world as a single woman. I have no fears that people will laugh at me for having failed. Because even if they do, it doesn’t matter. My heavenly father has guaranteed me that I will always laugh last. And I didn’t fail! I simply discover a greater purpose than the one I chose for myself, which is the one GOD has chosen for me! And I love that! That no matter what, it is God’s purpose that is the MOST perfect plan for my life. I’m grateful for clarity and I’m grateful for peace of mind. Now I need to go study. Yeah, today was definitely a lovely day!