Crazy Things I Did

It seems like I’m forever turning over a new leaf, but I think it is a good thing because it means that I am forever learning something new about myself. The past couple of months have been no exception. No, I did not fall into another mind-blowing emotional rollercoaster of a relationship. No I did not have a huge brawl with one of my loved ones and no I did endure some personal trauma…well, hold up. Let me not say that because it was traumatic at the time. For the first time in my life I acted on feelings that I knew should have been left alone. And for about one week I regretted it. I kept talking about it to my best friends and I couldn’t let go of how stupid my actions were in my own eyes. Now, I’ve realized that although the situation was not ideal, I have learned my lesson. I use to think that I could learn from the mistakes of others and even mistakes that I have made in the past, but as it turned out in this situation, I had to make my own mistakes. It was a big mistake in my eyes given my background. I have always been a strong believer in meaningful relationships. I don’t do anything casually, whether it be friendship or commitment I tend to go all out. I give my whole heart not just half of it. So last month I found myself trying to be something I’m not. Pretending that I was okay with a casual relationship with the object of my (short-lived) affection, all the while everything within me wanted more. I wanted to build something meaningful. I wanted to mean something to someone. I wanted to be the woman in his life, not just another ‘lady friend’. Then I got caught in this in-between place where I was showing him my true feelings and trying not to expect anything in return because he told me that he was not “ready for a committment.” Then, I started compromising more, trying to live in the moment. Enjoy the time we have together and not get “attached” at the same time. But eventually I had to keep it real for myself. It was not working for me. I could seriously see myself getting hurt if I had continue to let my feelings develop for someone who obviously could not give me what I wanted. So instead of waiting around to see if he would call, invite me out, make time for me, I simply stopped. I stopped calling. Stopped waiting and stopped dealing with him. It was a clean break and it was exactly what I needed. In the end, I learned that I had to be true to myself. I cannot compromise the woman I have grown to be just for the sake of not being lonely. I rather be lonely now and know that God is preparing me for the perfect man, than to rush into something and ruin the prophesy over my life. So I think I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time, one month to be exact. As the Good Lord continue to bless me with insight I will continue to share them.

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