Frantically Inspired…What is Love?

Frantically inspired I sit here. Ready to share my world once again. Over the past two days my faith in love has been severely tested. In my eyes I am a witness to what I can only describe as healthy, loving relationships. They are not perfect because they are no such things as perfect relationships. All relationships take constant work and constant attention. Now, I see these relationships falling to the wayside. And I am starting to panic. Because unfortunately for me since my adventure in love last October, I’ve been treading very carefully about starting anything new with anyone new. I am taking my time. I am a little jaded but trying to keep things in perspective. The thing that was helping me to do that was seeing others in healthy and loving relationships. I figured if they can do so can I. But now what do I when that foundation starts to be shaken as well? Don’t I now run the risk of losing my faith in love if all the examples around me are falling apart? I am not naive enough to say that my sucess in love would be base on the sucess of others. But iron sharpens iron. If I am heart broken and the ones around me are happy, they bring me up so that I am happy for them and that is enough. But If I am jaded and the ones around me are heart broken how do we encourage each other? I’ve never had a problem with putting others needs before my own so I know that I can encourage those that need it even if I’m not completely whole yet, but I’m worried about my emotional health. How can it be good for you to be without a significant other and surrounded by those whose hearts are going through the grinder? I remember the hell I went through in January and I really do not wish that on anyone. But I also remember that I wouldn’t have been going through that hell if I wasn’t in love. Being in love is not a bad thing. You just have to choose wisely. I can’t comment on the wisdom of my choice because although I am currently single, I can honestly say that it only took one hurt for me to move on. Granted I endured the hurt for about 3 months before I did move, but I moved on eventually. I tried my best to make it work but I was working alone and unfortunately, one person does not a relationship make. So I had no choice but to let it go. And I wouldn’t say there is no going back, but the justification for goin back is not there. I mean what is the guarantee that anything has changed or lessons have been learned on the other side? I cannot set myself up like that again. It is absolutely out of the question. So I am sitting here frantically inspired. Trying to come up with reasons why love is worth fighting for or believing in or holding on to.

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