Loving People…Letting Go

I have this thing about loving people past their faults. In my eyes, we are all in the race to live a perfect life, but our goal is to run the race, not necessarily achieve perfection. So, I find it easy to still love people even if they have some habits, characteristics or ways that not so pleasant. I have this friend. I feel like she is a beautiful person inside and out, highly intelligent, funny and so many other wonderful things. But there are times when I feel like we are competition rather than friends, and I hate it! But I’ve come to accept this as the “ugly” side of her personality. My roommate and I are very close and I consider her a very insightful person. So, my roommate whom I feel like has my best interest at heart, keeps telling me that this friend of mine is a negative rather than a positive. That her competitive attitude towards me is unhealthy and will continue to lead her to do things that she knows are hurtful to me. I don’t know how to take that. Because although my friend and I have had our hard times, I feel like we always make amends. Okay, let me be honest. I didn’t forget the things she did, I just chose to forgive them. But the dynamics of our friendship has changed based on past actions. Its hard for me to trust her not to break my heart. So I find myself osculating between keeping her at bay and trying to mend whatever was lacking. I don’t know what to do. It is easy as pie for me to let go of a unhealthy relationship with a guy, but because my girlfriends are my second family, cutting one of them of is like cutting off a limb. I don’t know if I should continue to love her as a friend like I’m doing now, or love her from a distance like my roommate suggested. I’ll keep you posted.

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