Making Room For….

So I was telling my roommate the other day that I was cutting off a lot of people because I feel like I have a lot of incomplete men hovering around my life, and they are blocking the view of the real person I am suppose to be with. The way I see it, because of the men who have tried and failed to be the one for me, it is hard for someone who is actually worthy of my time to get close to me. As long as I have this guy friend or this ex hanging around, it doesn’t look like I’m available to the right person. Besides, the flesh of my flesh is a man of class and distinction. He wouldn’t be caught dead with a man with a fear of committment, or one who lacks social skills. Or one who lies or conveniently forgets to mention his ex-wife and two kids. Yeah. All these descriptions fit at least one of the men I’ve had to cross paths with this school year. Not a fun adventure but definately a lesson well learned. But as far as I am concerned. I’m cleaning out my closet. I am not returning phone calls. Not accepting invitations. Not sending out invitations and not making dinner plans. These men keep trying me but one by one they’ll figure out that I am not the one for them. And the one for me needs to be able to get to me, free of the clutter. Needless to say, I’m making room for Mr. Right. *smile*

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