The Journey Continues

So, the most important thing to me right now, besides finishing law school of course, is accepting myself completely as I am and still finding new ways to grow each day. I am currently reading the “Power of Now”. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m enjoying it. It’s a book about enlightenment. The author basically says that the reason we have so much pain in our lives is because we are not focused on the “now”. We are either living in the past (regrets or nostalgia) or living in the future (hope or anxiety). And I think that is true. Nothing has proved that to me more than one situation that occured this week, on Thursday night as a matter of fact. This week I was on spring break in Puerto Rico with my friends. I ended up meeting a Nigerian guy whom I really connected with, or so I thought. The long and short of the story is that before our first day together was over, we kissed. It was nice and we made plans to meet up later on during the week. Because Thursday night was our last night there, I wanted him to meet my friends and I to hang out. I called him earlier in the day and left a message with one of his friends (my guy has his friend’s phone for the week). Anyways, while I was out with my friends, I saw my guy and he told me that he had called me and I did not pick up. I told him to catch up with me later. After about an hour, I sent him a text to tell him to make sure that he said a proper goodbye before we parted ways. To my suprise, I got a text back from his number and I quote “Stop calling and texting me. **** told me that he was not interested in you…AT ALL, you ugly stalker. He has a girlfriend. Peace” Now, although I had every reason to be upset, I really wasn’t for a number of reasons. One, if he wasn’t interested in me, why did he call me and go out of his way to let me know he was trying to get in touch with me. Two, that was not him talking, it was his “friend”. Three, I really don’t want anything to do with a guy who has friends like that. So although I could have dwelt on the past pain of that situation, I chose to observe it instead. I took it for what it was and went on about my day. I still had a great spring break and my mystery guy has missed out on a h*** of a woman. Needless to say that I have deleted all his numbers and there is no trace of him left anywhere on my phone. I still have the pictures we took together. I intend to keep those because they are good memories of a great spring break. I am far from perfect but like I said…the journey continues. I’ll keep you posted.

1 thought on “The Journey Continues”

  1. Puerto Rico…hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……Where was i at when all this was goin down….im so oblivious, lol… PR was fun. I tried reading the Power of Now…however…it was boring, lol….I know, i gotta step my “intelligence” up, lol. Love ya darling!


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