Tired of Instigators and Drama Seekers

Today. Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. It was warm. The birds were chirping. I had a good feeling about today. Today I went I had to see my friend hurting. I heard her cry. I heard her very heart breaking right before my eyes. Today I realize that some women don’t grow up, they just get bigger. Today I was dissappointed to hear that intelligent women like us can behave with such disregard for the feelings of others. Today I realize that some people spend their whole adult lives playing “high school games.” Today I wanted to be there for my friend and make the pain go away. But I couldn’t alleviate her pain because for some reason others seem to find pleasure in her pain. Today I’m distraught that people can harbor such ridiculous notions about how the world should work. Today I realize that even when you are determined to be happy, there are some even more determined to keep you in agony. Today I realize that I don’t owe anything to anyone except my God and myself. Today…I’m so tired of drama seekers and instigators. Get a life and stop trying to manipulate and/or destroy the lives of others.

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