The Battle Rages On

I consider myself I strong-minded individual, I can even be stubborn if pushed to my limits. Right now, I think I’ve been pushed. So I’m building a meaningful relationship right now. It is still relatively new, just a little over 5 months. But the feelings are pretty deep and things are progressing nicely. But lately I’ve been getting this vibe that a lot of people do not want to see us together. Some have genuine concerns and some are simply motivated by their own selfish need to keep in a box and keep me from growing up and making my own decisions. I for one cannot stand for it. I have done everything that society and my culture could ask of me. I went through school successfully, I passed the bar. I am working on developing my career as an attorney. I’m letting the spirit of the Lord lead me, I heed my parents at much as possible. What else could they possible want from me? After examining all the happenings over the past 2 months, I feel like what they want is to dictate my adult life. They want to tell me how to go about meeting the man I am suppose to marry, what to do in that relationship, who to marry, where to live, how many kids to have and much money to make. I am not having it. I refuse to be retarded into the mindset of a teenager who is incapable of making adult decisions. I don’t mind guidance but I will not be dominated. So motivated by a lot of love and whole lot of tenacity, I am building my relationship and making it better every day. I am not going to dip out just because things have gotten difficult lately. If I do that now, what is to keep me from doing it when I am married? You do something enough, and trust me, it becomes a habit. I don’t want to form the habit of quitting every time something gets hard to do or becomes unpopular in the eyes of my so called community. So the battle rages on.

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