As the Seasons Change…So Do I

It seems that my life is never a constant. From year to year things are absolutely crazily different. For the past 3 years, each winter has been completely different from the last. Year to year I see myself change, sometimes progress, sometimes regress. Year to year I am a different woman. Three years ago absolutely single and loving it. Meeting new people, disregarding old boyfriends, enjoying a break from law school. Two years ago I was absolutely head over heels with someone (the gentleman turned A-hole). Dealing with barely concealed animosity from jealous ones, establishing by baby steps my friendship with one of my bestests. A year ago I was trying to be a peace-maker. Forgive and forget everyone from former friends to ex-beaus. This year, I’m in love…again. Content where I am as far as my friends go. I don’t want any more. A handful of friends can bring a lifetime of joy. No number of acquaintances can ever replace what I already have. I am done trying to build bridges. Some things are better left unmended. Some friendships not true enough to be kept. Some people not genuine enough to be held on to. Today I am different than I was last year, the year before that and even the year before that one. It seems that as the seasons change, so do I. Thankfully, I’m changing for the better.