Just My Imagination

Imagine the world as I would want it to be. I still want us to be but I’m wondering if it’s the best thing for me. But I can’t dwell on it too long, because when I think of us not together my chest closes up…the world feels wrong. When I speculate that I may be happier elsewhere, I can’t get myself to not care. That being without you would put an end to more than just our love. But also our friendship. For me to let slip, something so precious as the foundation we have already built. That would eat me up with guilt. So despite the handful of others who try to sway me away. My heart cannot stray. I cannot live outside of myself by loving someone new. My heart belongs to you. So imagine a world where I could have anyone I wanted. Any man, any income, any background, any race, any culture, any family. That world would not satify me. Because given a choice between a million and you. My heart cannot help but stay true. I’ld be a fool to be anywhere else but here. So let other men stare, wonder about my beauty. Captivated by my spirit. In love with my soul. Yours is the only heart that makes mine whole.

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