Stuck Up and A Suck Up

Today I was told that I am both stuck up and a suck up. Excuse me?

Stuck up? Because I walk around as if I know I’m worth something? Because my parents told me never to settle for less? Because my mom taught me that the prophesy over my life does not allow me to act like anyone else might act? Because my father told me that a man only appreciates what he works hard to attain?

I’m stuck up? So because I’ve learned to more with silence than I can ever do with words I’m stuck up. Because I’ve learn to guard my heart and my emotions against the onslaught of hate that others try to throw at me I’m stuck up. Because I decide to carry myself in such a manner that people will respect the position of authority I hold within my community, I’m stuck up. Because I surround myself with women who not only know their worth but exercise that knoweledge on a regular basis, I’m stuck up?

A suck up? Because I believe in being kind and being gracious in the face of adversity? A suck up because I try the best way I know how to show the love of Christ to everybody even the ones who may not deserve it? A suck up because when I love someone I do it with all of my heart and no holds bar? A suck up because when I take an interest in the life of another I want them to know just how important I think they are? A suck up because when I meet someone who gives me a positive vibe I want them to get the same feeling from me? A suck up because of that?!

Stuck up and a suck up huh? A contradictions in terms but if you look at my whole life and that is what you see, then I will gladly be that!

I gotta thank whoever wrote that though because clearly you gave me my mojo back! I always need an outside catalyst to bring forth the creative genius that lies within! Thank you once again!!!

*No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against me will I condemn* – Is. 54:17

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