Better Than Okay

I think I’m well. Things aren’t perfect but they are coming along. I enjoy being in love and it is bringing new dimensions into the way I see myself. I enjoy building up the friendships I have developed over the past twelve, eight and four years. I love the job I do. I enjoy the challenges of my career and I enjoy it even more when I realize that I have met and overcame those challenges. I like who I am. I don’t claim to be perfect but I genuinely like me. I like that I have a heart of flesh that can absorb things very easily instead of one made of stone where nothing can penetrate. Although the first allows hurtful things in, the latter keeps wonderful things out and that is no way to live. I like that I think twice before I speak my mind to a friend because I understand the impact that words can have. There are a thousand things that take a split second to say and cannot be erased or forgotten in a life time. I like that I remain willing to forgive for as long as others remain willing to apologize. I like that I know when to cut my loses and when someone isn’t worth a third chance after they’ve blown their second. I like that I don’t deny my friendship to anyone who is willing to love me for me, regardless of race, color or creed. I like that some people see me as reserved and others see me as ‘crazy’ that I can be whatever the situation calls for. So, regardless of what past adventures in love and friendship have tried to break me down, I like who I am. I’m doing just fine, better than okay.