A Strong Desire to Vent

Okay today I woke up to the beeping of my phone because someone does not understand that work hours are from 9am to 5pm and sending me a text on my mobile office phone at 3:30a.m is HIGHLY FREAKING INAPPROPRIATE! Second, last night my mother wanted to talk to me about a friend of hers that needed some legal help and and had briefly given me an overview of her case about a month ago. Her case is kind of complicated so I’m still working on it. Why the heck are you ‘reporting’ me to my mother like I’m a DAMN child instead of a twenty-four year old attorney at law? Third, I have a lot to say on this matter but because it is not my business to tell, I’m going to shut up. I’m just tired of the lies! Having to discover after nine years that one of the major premise of a friendship is a lie, that disgusts me. And being rewarded for those lies disgusts me even more. And don’t think that I’m just finding out. I’ve known for over a month now but I just chose to be quiet about it. It’s not my business to tell so that is all I’m going to say about that. Today, I woke up and it was just one thing after the other. I’m running into Catch-22’s all day because people don’t understand that my time is money. I’ve been trying to pay this DUMB @SS parking ticket I got from the court house for like A WHOLE WEEK! I went to the Taxes building where it clearly says TICKET PAYMENT and they tell me I have to go to the Municipal Building. I go there and they tell me I have to go to the court house. Mind you, I’m coming from the court house b/c that’s where I got the ticket in the first place. I go to the courthouse and they tell me I need to go to the Municipal Building so I told ‘them’ that I’m not going back to the same place that I’ve been three times already. Screw that and screw them! Finally they tell me that I need to go to the Independence Center. WTF!!!!!???? Gas is not free! All this BS for one $10 ticket? And if I don’t pay it within 30 days it becomes $45? Yeah, try it elsewhere because I’m not giving up my money that easily. Kiss my black behind.

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