Delirious With Joy

I swear sometimes I think it has to be a crime to be this HAPPY! But I truly am! I have no complaints what so ever. Despite anything anyone else may see as a short coming in my life, I love where I am and I love who I am at this moment in time. I love being in love with this man of mine. I love working on our relationship on a daily basis. I love being entralled with this God I serve. I love Him more than words can say and all I can do to repay Him for everything He has so richly blessed me with is to continue to seek new ways to serve Him. I love my job. Starting out is always rough especially on your own but I’m loving the process because I know that great things are yet to come. I love the friends I’ve made over the years. They bring me so much joy. Yes, they hold in their hands the ability to shatter my world and my heart but I trust them to do the right thing by me. I love where I am in my life because I feel like I’m on an upward slope. Climbing is tough at times but I know that the peak of excellence is in sight. I miss my friends from law school and my friends in the Durham and Raleigh area, especially one in particular. I am truly delirious with joy right now!