Even when things seem like they are at their worst, if we are at our best, I’ll make it through. I’m still not happy with the way people in general are treating me but THANK GOD for my baby. Thank God that a few hours with him are all that I need to get me back where I want to be mentally. Thank God that I can smile despite my circumstances simply because I got a chance to see him, cook for him, hang out with him, be with him. Today has been a good day. I know I analyze everything to death but I really can’t help it, it’s in my nature. Anyway, today I was given a chance to simply take a gesture at face value instead of trying to decode intricate meanings out of it. And that’s what I did. I took a playful gesture from a long-gone friend, as simply that and responded playfully. At some point in the past, I may have been tempted to reject this person’s attempt at frivolity and responded with a well-thought out, written response as to why we were no longer on that level, but not today. Today I simply smiled and let that be that. Today I was genuinely happy for the positive things in the life of someone else, someone outside of my circle of friends or loved ones. I took a little time out to celebrate God’s goodness in the person’s life and I smiled for them. With all sincerity. I don’t know if I can tell them that and not be rebuffed but I don’t need to. I like celebrating others achievement and I don’t necessarily need an audience to do it. I’m happy that others are happy. Guess you can say, I’m back!

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