Never Realized

I never realized how much I could miss him until he left. I thought because we spend more time together apart than we spend together, it wouldn’t be hard to have him on a whole other continent. But I’m missing my baby like crazy! Not being able to call to check on him or spend my lunch hour with him or stop by on way to the court house to see him…it’s making me miss him more than I thought I would in the two weeks he’ll be gone. I miss him tremendously. I feel like I know he must have felt when I was still at school during those times when either one of us could get away. In another week and half, we will be together 16 months. I guess that’s enough time to get accustomed to having someone by your side. I went to his place today and the silence that surrounded me actually almost brought me to tears and he just left two days ago! I still have twelve more days until he gets back and I hope I can find some more things to occupy my time otherwise I’m going to be a mess. I never realized just how much our lives are intertwined…and exactly how much I love having him around.

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