I once told one of my closest friends that it seems like there are people that I care a great deal about who now seem destined to drift away from me. I’m realizing it now more than ever and the surprising thing is that it doesn’t make me sad. I’m growing by leaps and bounds right now and anyone who is not growing with me is almost destined to get left behind. I use to think that it was my job to bring others with me as I move upward but right now I feel like I can’t help anyone who is not willing to help themselves. I don’t know if it is me being stubborn or just accepting the inevitable but being pushed away no longer makes me feel like holding on tighter…I walk away, with absolutely no regrets. If anything I feel a little bad for the ones who let me go because I know they’ve lost a treasure but I realize that if people only want to be in my life for a season, who am I to try and turn that season into a lifetime? I’ve learned what I needed to learn and I’m happy with where I am. I know that I’m growing but unfortunately sometimes, growing also means growing apart.

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