Her Price Is Far Above Rubies

Thanks to the inspiration of my brother’s girlfriend who also happens to be a great friend to me, I’ve gotten to a deeper understanding of what I am suppose to be doing at this stage in my life. The fact of the matter is that I am at a turning point and I can’t afford not to pray. So right now, I’m praying like there is no tomorrow – because without prayer, there might not be. I am thirsting for God’s word for my life and it is amazing how much grace He is bestowing upon me. With every morning and evening spent in fervent prayer and effectual praise – I feel like my Father in Heaven is making a wife in the spirit. He is preparing for the man He wants me to be with and it is so amazing to behold. Things are falling into place in such a miraculous way that I have no choice but to give praises to Him. The man in my life and I are praying more – together and apart. I am seeking the Lord’s face on all the issues of my heart and I know He will answer me in the soonest time. It is so amazing to me how God can move through praise and worship. I’m experiencing such a change in my life since the choir and I have started lifting all our efforts to God and going into each practice and service with an attitude of worship. It is almost impossible for me not to praise Him and worship Him on my own. In my car, in my office, in my room – His worship never ceases to be in my mouth.  I’m just so thankful to God for His work within me. I feel like He is molding me into the virtuous woman that His Word speaks about. I feel like He is increasing my worth on a daily basis so that by the end of this stage, my price will be far above rubies.

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