New Year…New Concerns

This past Christmas and New Years, I’ve spent most of my time surrounded by couples; this wouldn’t have been so bad except that each time I was with a happy twosome, my baby was nowhere to be found; He was either sitting at home or out with his friends or family. It started me thinking…and worrying. If we don’t share enough of the same interests to be able to hang out at a few of same events and with a few of the same people, how are we going to survive as a couple? I worked myself into more of a frenzy as I kept observing the other couples around me. I was longing for something that a part of me felt like I wasn’t getting in my own relationship. I know I love my baby and I know he loves me. But is that enough? A part of me is so afraid that the spark we once shared has dwindled so completely that it’s gone. I don’t want to look back years after we make a life long committment