Another Day In the Journey

Today, I am so burdened in my spirit. I came across a note titled “95 Theses Against Worldliness” and it seriously pierced me like nothing has pierced me in the past 7 months of my renewed and authentic walk with Christ. One of the statements that got me was this one. “we confess our love for God more in public than in private, just like the Pharisees.” OH MY LORD! When I read that statement, my heart just dropped into my shoes and I had to ask myself, “is that what I’ve become?”. I’ve been so engrossed in making sure that my life points others towards Christ and I haven’t been as engrossed in making sure that my life was ACTUALLY growing in Christ. For example, everything on my Facebook page has to be God-glorifying. It keeps me in the spirit rather than the flesh and my hope is that it points others towards Christ. BUT, ask me how much time I spent in prayer, just me and God today and I would have to say all of 5 minutes. OH MY LORD! Have I become more concerned with making sure everyone knows that I’m walking in Christ than actually walking in Christ????? God, please have mercy! I kept thinking that because my reason for letting everyone know about Christ is so that they would seek HIM, and not because I want them to pat me on the back. All I want is for my life to reflect Christ in such a way that others chase after Him. But, in doing this, I’ve began to spend more time with Christ in public than I do in private…and all I can do now is crawl back to my Heavenly Father and cry for forgiveness.

I thank God for conviction. I thank God for His living Word that still speaks. I have to get off this thing and go SEEK CHRIST like I’ve been proclaiming.

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