For the past year and 4 months, I completely turned OFF any music that isn’t gospel or contemporary Christian. I did it at first because I realized how much of an impact the God-defying music had on my impact to glorify God fully with my life and I just made a decision that I didn’t want to be entertained by anything that broke God’s heart. After some time though, there are some powerful men of God who are making me think twice about giving up on ALL music that is not gospel or Christian. The argument is that not all “gospel” music promotes Christ or gives glory to God and not all “non-gospel” music glorify sin or are anti-God. That as children of God, we are to discern. And the argument makes sense to me but there is still a part of me that feels like listening to non-Christian music is a compromise on my part. I mean, truly, the reason I gave up secular music was because I was 100% focused on my relationship with God and did not want anything to take away from it. Entertaining “good” secular music seems like a step backwards. My struggle is that I want to be pleasing to God in all that I do but I do not want to be a one-dimensional human being. I want to make sure that all my interests are being explored in a way that glorifies God. So, here’s the question. Do I now start listening to secular music in order to dig through the craziness and find music outside of the gospel music industry that pleases God? Music that is not technically termed Christian or gospel but whose content does not compromise my faith but actually promotes all the goodness and godliness that God admonishes me to think on? It sounds so dangerous! Seriously, how much GARBAGE is my mind going to encounter on my search for God-pleasing, secular music? Lol, maybe I’m overly cautious or maybe i don’t trust myself to discern without imbibing the junk that some of today’s music promotes. Hmm. I’ll get back to you.

3 thoughts on “Music”

  1. I think the term secular music is a gray area in itself because we have so called “gospel” music that hardly glorifies God..if at all. My whole thing is music that is GOOD (completely void of all unrighteousness) and music that is glorifying God explicitly is ok. I like to ref. Phil 4:8. to support that. However much of that music you listen to that really isnt categorized as Christian or Gospel is entirely up to the Holy Spirit. He will give us discernment. I’ve been battling with this myself for the past year too, thats why Im more into making my own music! lol


  2. Although we are ALL called to be Separated from the World, You; because the call God has on your life may require YOU to stop listening to secular music! The Bottom line is “Your Walk” with God…Some “Christians” feel comfortable with compromise and justify, while there are others who desire to be “Righteous” over being “Right”! Seek God as to what He wants YOU to do…and What His Will is for Your life…I myself only listen to Christian/Gospel Music (with Exception)! Depending on what the Song/Lyrics/Music makes me feel, will determine my ear…If it feeds my spirit and leads me to worship and praise God, I listen…If it feeds my flesh and brings me back to my cub days, I don’t listen! I just had a whole long convo yesterday on twitter about this very topic (although the tweets are scattered, feel free to check it out @MIEMAKEOVERCAFE)! This has the potential to open a can of worms though because we tend to focus on Music but not mention the Movies and TV shows we watch! Even down to the clothes we wear and the Symbols embedded on them (some symbols are demonic and against God, like the so called “peace sign”)! Also u used a great word..”ENTERTAINMENT”: a “DIVERSION” that holds the attention. With that said, Entertainment is used by the enemy to Divert our attention from God on the things of the devil (lust, homosexuality, fornication etc…)! There are many shows that God had me to let go of! I don’t watch tv (aside from Nick Jr etc for my children and I am very selective as to what movies I watch! Don’t let anyone tell you “it doesn’t take all that” or “Your not in touch with reality”! If you want to remain pure and accessible to God..Do that! The ONLY opinion that matters is that of your Father, Which is in Heaven..Don’t compromise to the Call God has on YOUR life!


  3. I do not listen to anything that does not glorify GOD. The only exception is jazz, piano, or any instrumental music that almost always makes me want to praise the LORD with words I come up with. I say to follow the direction that the LORD is giving you. Never allow anyone else to interfere with what HIS spirit tells you. GOD bless!

    “…And HIS praises shall continually be in my mouth”


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