Musings on Weddings and Marriages

All the weddings going on around me have had me thinking about marriages lately. As much as I love weddings, and believe me when I say I lo-ove weddings, I value godly marriages so much more. It makes me happy to see couples with a strong spiritual foundation blossoming in their relationship with each other and with God.

Knowing that a couple has done their spiritual homework, so to speak, gives me this giddy excitement about their future. If you wanna know what I mean by homework, I’ll give you a few things I believe are good starters. Being spiritually led to begin the relationship for one, continuous advice and counseling from godly spiritual mentors and the Word of God, a commitment to purity and spiritual growth within the relationship, diligently examining compatibility and suitability, etc. This list is of course not an exhaustive one. Notwithstanding, a relationship that starts here and responds appropriately from here is to be valued. It’s like placing yourself in the best position for God to do His best in the midst of your relationship. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel the most confident about my decisions when I know I’m working within God’s plans for me. Godliness and purity are definitely a part of God’s plans for me and all His children. I hate the guess work that comes with relationships that are based in wordliness or sin or simply feelings. “Is s/he the one or isn’t s/he?” That trial and error crap is strictly for the birds. I will not be dragging my heart and soul through the mud trying to “find” the one. By that methodology, by the time the right person comes along, I’m too broken to recognize them. I rather position myself where God wants me and watch Him work. When you’re rightly positioned, you can be confident that God is ordering your steps even through the trials in your relationship.

I just love to see what God does in the midst of a relationship that’s totally surrendered to Him. I’ve seen these types of couples ministering together, enjoying real intimacy and joy with each other. I’ve seen them being used to heal others in broken relationships and a number of other amazing things. So, even though I am a huge fan of weddings, I’m an even bigger fan of godly relationships.

[SN: Pardon the brevity of this post but this is coming to you live from my BlackBerry and I don’t love typing on this itty bitty keyboard]