Naija Beauty Blog Asks ‘Who Is She?’

11D0F8C4-7EE6-4B99-B861-58451ED941EEA thirty-something year old native of Nigeria once relocated to the United States at the tender age of ten to be reunited with her parents, especially the father she had never met in person. Through the years, she struggled greatly. The pressures of meeting the expectations of her parents and peers coupled with the difficulty of fitting into a new society, a new culture – a new world – culminated into years of dysfunction.

Born and raised in a Christian household, she relied on her faith to survive the chaos. As grace would have it, school was a breeze! She completed twelve years of education with honors and was able to pursue her lifelong dream of attending law school and practicing law. While in college, personal tragedies shifted her view of herself. She was spiraling.

One faithful day, a life-changing encounter with Christ transformed her eternity forever. She walked away from a romance of two years and into the love of Jesus Christ – counting all as loss that she may have Christ. That sharp ending marked a new beginning.

This blog follows her journey through the last decade of a new life of faith and purpose.

Four years after her encounter with Christ, she married the man she describes as “God’s best.”  They became parents. And she began to tell the stories of  her adventures at the intersection of faith and culture. Today, she shares her stories (blogs, anecdotes, and books) as a Nigerian who has found beauty in the redeeming love of Christ.

Stay tuned as the adventure continues…



3 thoughts on “Naija Beauty Blog Asks ‘Who Is She?’”

  1. seriously, this is great. I’m so glad to find somebody from my father’s land on the blogosphere. I’ve been looking hard for one. I’m a Nigerian too, but from the Southern part, Akwa Ibom to be precise. I love your blog. Yor story is so touching, the part of facing rejection. Thanks for sharing.


    1. God bless you sis and welcome 🙂 It’s always a blessing to connect with other Nigerians. I’m glad you found me and I look forward exchanging ideas and reading your own writings! Be blessed 🙂


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